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Mentoring the Future Generation - AZP Partners with Local School's Robotics Team

We are excited to announce the start of a great partnership with Rutherford County Schools, NC’s competitive robotics team: The Omegabytes, Team 5727!
“We are more than just your average afterschool program to pass the time; while learning real-world skills such as web design, programming, CAD, mechatronics, and teamwork you quickly start to realize how much this group is like a family.” says Lead Coach, Danny Smith.

Representatives from our team, Mia Chapman and Nate Kunz, kicked off our industry partnership by offering mentorship in their area of expertise. Nate Kunz, an experienced Electrical Engineer, assisted with the wiring of their newest robot, “The Green Machine”. Conversation was centered around industry best practices for wiring of DC circuits from standardizing wire routing to efficient techniques. Nate will continue to work with the team to develop their own best practices and techniques through the coming weeks. With the input from industry professionals across the county, the team is exposed to a wide range of experiences from which to glean and learn what works best for them. As a mentor of branding, marketing, and outreach, Mia jumped right in and started talking “design with purpose”. As the team is looking to launch a new website, she steered the group in the direction of asking the question, “What are our goals?” rather than “What would look good?”. After defining the three main goals of their operation, the group listed important features for their upcoming website.