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Meet our Certified EMT: Kacee Godfrey

After a lot of extra time and hard work, our Safety Technician Kacee Godfrey is now a certified EMT! Please join us in congratulating her on this accomplishment. Although we already knew she has what it takes (and more), we are proud to see her having the formal credentials!

Kacee has been working with us for almost 2 years and started out here in the Security Department. Her loyalty and hard work have not gone unnoticed!

Those who know Kacee are quick to say that she is always friendly and patient; she spends her time with her teammates to ensure they remain healthy so we can maintain a safe work environment.

The process of earning an EMT certification includes many months of classroom training and clinical that include riding along with different local emergency service units. This makes a difference to our employees and our company by having someone readily available to assess injuries and trauma emergencies.

Here at AZP, we hope to encourage everyone to be the best they can be and to strive the meet their goals! Kacee is a prime example of what it means to be AZP strong. Congratulations Kacee!