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Habitat for Humanity Welcomes AZP as the First Group of Volunteers Since COVID-19

SPINDALE, NC — With Habitat for Humanity working on its 83rd house, employees at American Zinc Products recently provided assistance toward its construction.

On March 13th, employees of American Zinc Products, and their families, volunteered with Habitat to help build a new home already under construction on Pennsylvania Avenue in Spindale. The group built scaffolding and worked on sheathing the walls.

AZP employees are no stranger to volunteering with Habitat. They started working with Habitat in 2019, with Hammering for Heroes, a program designated for home repairs for low-income veterans.

Because of the pandemic, construction on Habitat houses came to a halt in March of 2020. Although Habitat was unable to utilize volunteers for the remainder of that year, many volunteers and groups called hoping to get back to work on a job site.

“The onset of COVID-19 interrupted our participation in community initiatives, such as Habitat for Humanity,” said Kobus de Wet, vice president and general manager of AZP. “With the precautions put in place by Habitat, we were privileged to be the first group back on a building site in 2021. We look forward to volunteering at builds to support the families of Rutherford County who need a safe, dependable, and affordable home.”

AZP’s Mia Chapman was one of those who called about returning.

“My role at AZP is to find opportunities to support our community,” Chapman said. “As someone who grew up in Rutherford County, it is comforting to know that we have businesses like AZP who are so invested in the area and its people. We started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity back in 2019, and have been in contact with them ever since.”

Habitat is appreciative of the company’s commitment to helping.

“It’s nice to have a dedicated group of volunteers that continues to come back to help in our efforts to provide affordable housing for families in need,” said Kim Freeman, executive director for Habitat. “AZP employees are dedicated and they have fun doing what can sometimes be difficult work. We are so thankful that they have chosen to get involved with Habitat considering there are so many other ways they could volunteer their time.”

Habitat is currently accepting applications. If you are interested in owning a home of your own, please consider applying. An application can be picked up at the Habitat office at 269 W. Main Street, Forest City or at the Habitat ReStore at 686 W. Main Street, Forest City.