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We’re American Zinc Products, and we’re a leading producer of special high-grade zinc made from solely recycled materials. Simply put, we take waelz oxide—a byproduct of steel recycling—and extract zinc from it to sell as a commodity on the global market.

But that’s just what we do. Let’s talk about who we are.

We’re a team of collaborators and hard workers who have each other’s backs. We’re a company that’s invested in improving our community. We’re a group of leaders who want to make sure our employees can create a better life for themselves and their families. But most of all, we’re agents in a culture of continuous improvement. We’ve taken amazing strides to make safety a priority for everyone who works here.

If this sounds like a culture you’d want to be a part of, then we want to hear from you.

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AZP Offers

  • Competitive benefits and wages
    • Retirement contributions
    • Health, vision, dental, and life insurance
    • Paid vacation time
    • Employee discounts
  • 7-day on, 7-day off shift schedule (operations personnel only)
  • High promotion potential due to unique processes/internal skill development
  • Company organized volunteer opportunities
  • Eligibility for quarterly bonuses

Why Employees Love Working Here

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