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AZP's First Blood Drive

The holiday months are a time for giving. Ironically, December has the lowest blood donation rate. It was our pleasure to help during the time of need and host our first blood drive on December 17th! We partnered with The Blood Connection, a blood center local to Carolinas, to bring a mobile blood bus to us. The Blood Connection provides blood for transfusions to a number of local hospitals such as Spartanburg Regional, McDowell Hospital, and Greeneville Memorial.

Our goal was to donate 27 units of blood, but AZP team members went above and beyond any expectations!

We reached 39 successful units of blood donated. Overall, helping save up to 117 lives this holiday season.

One of our employees, who is an avid blood donator, gave us the idea to host a blood drive at our plant and thus inspired 30 first time donors! Of that 30, some overcame their fear of needles, or at least put that aside in order to help a deserving cause. We are so thankful to have been able to give back and hope to make this a regular event here at AZP! We expect to host our next blood drive in the spring, and await an even better outcome.