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AZP's First Blood Drive of 2020

On May 22nd American Zinc Products (AZP) hosted our first blood drive of 2020. After the success of our very first drive at our facility back in December of 2019, we set a goal to host two drives per calendar year. This time around things transpired a little differently. As you can imagine, not as many people were allowed on the bloodmobile, and wait times were a little longer. Yet, we are thankful for the diligence of The Blood Connection in making sure proper precautions were put in place to ensure donors were not exposed to an increased risk of COVID-19 infection.

During the pandemic, The Blood Connection had noticed that many people were hesitant to give blood. Understandably so, as many people are hesitant to do anything outside of their daily essential tasks. Despite the current situation, donating blood is essential. With more people being hospitalized, there is an increased need for blood transfusions. We were more than eager to provide an easily accessible opportunity for our team to donate during a blood crisis.

Our team was able to donate 29 units of blood – providing up to 87 life-saving blood transfusions!

Once again, we are humbled by our team’s willingness to go above and beyond for the benefit of others.