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AZP Supports Rutherford County Schools Backpack Program

With public schools reopening, The Rutherford County Schools Education Foundation was the recent beneficiary of a food drive sponsored by the TOwn of Forest City. This program is committed to assisting local children whose families are experiencing a crisis. Currently, the program provides over 1,000 bags of weekend food to “food-insecure” children in our community to bridge the weekend gap during the school year. Research shows that “food secure” children score higher than food-insecure children on tests and measures of child intelligence and are more likely to repeat a grade, need psychological services, and struggle to get along with their peers.

AZP believes in supporting local schools and their students where we can, when we can. Employees filled the supplies donation boxes set out by the entrances, and these items were delivered to the food closet at the end of August! These items consisted of non-perishable foods such as juice boxes, ravioli, fruit snacks, crackers and more! Supplies donations will help support the program due to purchase limitations set by grocery stores during the current global pandemic. In addition, as a company, AZP was able to contribute a donation of $1,000 to supplement the program throughout the year!

Thank you Rutherford County Schools for going above and beyond for the children of our community and providing programs such as this one.

The RCS Backpack Program is most grateful for the recent donation of $1,000 from AZP to assist us in meeting the needs of our food-insecure children. The money will be used to purchase weekend bags of food for them. Also, we are appreciative of the food items that were donated by employees of AZP. This food will help supplement what goes home with our children. Thank you for your investment in our community, and for being a true partner in enriching the lives of children here in Rutherford County.

– Lisa Bralley, RCS Backpack Program Coordinator

For information on the program or how you can help, visit: http://www.rcsedfoundation.org/rcs-backpack-program