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AZP Offers Kenan Fellowship for teacher Leadership

American Zinc Products LLC (AZP), a subsidiary of American Zinc Recycling Corp. (AZR), is proud to participate in the statewide Kenan Fellowship for Teacher Leadership as a 2021-2022 industry partner. The fellowship through NC State connects outstanding educators with mentors in local industry and business settings, creating opportunities that build meaningful relationships. Kenan Fellows develop a deeper understanding of local industries, their workforce needs, and how they can make relevant connections for students.


Applications are now open for AZP’s fellowship intern program, which will focus on building sustainability and community through a commitment to safety and the environment. Drawing on STEM-focused curriculum including engineering, chemistry, CTE, and mathematics, a partnership with AZP will allow educators in Rutherford, Cleveland, and Polk districts to get real-time insight on the company’s focus to maximize the recovery and reuse of steel byproducts and turning them into valuable materials to help the economy. This is the first time AZP will participate in the program.


“Being a good steward to our surrounding community is a core value of AZP and a commitment to improving our education system through outreach, educational opportunities and financial support is something we are passionate about,” said Mia Chapman, AZP Community Relations Coordinator. “Now more than ever, we see the power of STEM education to positively impact our communities. By supporting our teachers through frontline partnerships like the Kenan Fellowship Program, we hope to play a small role in the continued economic growth of our state.”


The teacher selected as the Kenan Fellow will spend three to five weeks interning with AZP over the summer of 2021 to learn about skills and career opportunities that they can take back to their students and school district. The fellowships are awarded through a competitive application process. As part of the year-long fellowship, the educators also participate in 80 hours of professional development focused on project-based learning, digital learning, and leadership development.


“We look forward to sharing our experiences with an incredible educator who will teach and inspire a whole new generation of environmentally conscious, STEM literate students,” said Kobus de Wet, AZP Vice President and General Manager. “We are honored to support the Kenan Fellowship Program.”


AZP takes recycled material and refines it to a finished zinc metal using solvent extraction and an electrowinning process. This finished product can then be used in the production of automobiles, appliances and various infrastructure applications. In 2017, N.C. State University estimated the economic impact of the facility in Rutherford County could exceed $143 million.