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AZP Impacting Up To 330 Lives

As of March 25th, 2021, employees of American Zinc Products (AZP) have impacted up to 330 lives by donating blood to be used in life-saving blood transfusions! AZP hosts two blood drives each year with The Blood Connection (TBC).

“Blood sustains precious human life. Its presence and flow allow us to seek the purpose of our existence and attain life’s milestones. Our mission is to support our healthcare partners with adequate, safe, cost-effective blood supplies and services. When we share blood, healing happens; individuals thrive; and families remain whole. Giving blood enriches our life experience, casting aside our differences to link the human race through a common, natural bond.”

Source: thebloodconnection.org

TBC and AZP both value sustainability and community. Here at AZP, we strive to be a contributing community partner and are glad to have found an organization like The Blood Connection that supports those same values. The Blood Connection serves the Carolinas by collecting local blood donations and giving them back to local transfusion centers.

Blood drives since the onset of COVID-19 have looked different but are more important than ever. The virus has caused many regular donors to be hesitant to give blood and therefore causing a blood shortage. During this time, TBC has remained a safe place to donate by ensuring all staff, donors, and partners are following all protocols. Because of this, we have been eager to continue to host drives and give a convenient opportunity to our team to donate.