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At American Zinc Products, we’re a team of collaborators and hard workers who have each other’s backs. We’re a company that’s invested in improving our community. We’re a group of leaders who want to make sure our employees can create a better life for themselves and their families. But most of all, we’re agents in a culture of continuous improvement. We’ve taken amazing strides to make safety a priority for everyone who works here.

We have a diverse, dedicated team who have come from more than 12 countries around the world to be a part of our story. Many of our team members live in the Rutherford County area, but some travel from nearby Shelby, Spartanburg, and Greenville.

Empowering a Culture of Safety

Safety is at the center of everything we do at American Zinc Products. We care deeply about all our employees, contractors and visitors on site. Our comprehensive safety program educates and prepares employees to be responsible and accountable for themselves and for others, much like you would your own family.