At American Zinc Products, we take pride in our team’s dedication to integrity and accountability. We look to our Code of Conduct for guidance on the expectations set by American Zinc Recycling.

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Ethics Hotline

If you have a complaint or concern about violations of laws or regulations, or violations of our Code of Conduct, and want to report it anonymously to our third-party compliance service, NAVEX Global, please call the hotline at 866-835-6347, or submit a report through the internet to

All such reports are subject to our Hotline Policy and our Code of Conduct.

Achieving Success and Sustainability Together

Success and sustainability go hand in hand here at American Zinc Products. One cannot be achieved without the other, and we know we can’t make it there with an “I” mindset. We are a team, some would even say a family,  and we will meet our goals by working together.